A look back through time at early residents and families of Ceres, Virginia, their homes, and their places of worship, from the earliest days of photography in the Rich Valley to the Great Depression of the 1930s.




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Ceres Area Photos by Traveling Photographer, c.1900 (11/20/2015) -- This itinerant photographer inscribed his photos with the logo "C.H. South, Va. + Traveling Photographer." Have a photo by the same photographer to share? Contact old.ceres.pix@gmail.com.

Thompson, Williams and Related Families, 1900-1940 (11/20/2015) -- Family and Ceres area photos contributed by Glen Repass, Ceres, VA. For additional information, contact Glen Repass, biglogpile@yahoo.com.

Jacob Waggoner and Spouse, c. 1853 (11/6/2014) -- Ceres residents, Jacob Waggoner (1826-1901) and his spouse, Anna Harman Waggoner (1834-1871). Photos contributed by Zola Noble, Anderson, IN. For additional information, contact Zola Noble, ztnoble@gmail.com.

William HH Muncy and Family, c.1900 (11/6/2014) -- Ceres residents William Henry Harrison Muncy (1851-XXXX), his spouse, children and grandchildren. Photo contributed by Melinda Bowles Tabor, Narrows, VA. Contact tabors97@yahoo.com.

Simon Kenton Groseclose and Spouse, before 1930 (11/5/2014) -- Ceres residents, Simon Kenton Groseclose (1867-1943) and his spouse, Sarah Josephine Muncy Groseclose (1862-1932). Photo contributed by Ben Hale Muncy and Bland County Historical Society. For additional information, contact Ann Beardshall, Bland County Historical Society,  aebeardshall@comcast.net.

Christopher Foglesong and Family, c. 1900 (11/5/2014) -- Two early 1900s photos of Ceres resident, Christopher Foglesong (1848-1919) and his homeplacePhotos are contributed by Mary Sue Scott, Bland, VA. Contact suuzzee5@yahoo.com.

Alexander Cregger, Nebo Resident, c. 1910 (7/16/2014) -- Two early 1900s photos of Nebo-Ceres area resident, Alexander Cregger (1846-1913).  The photos were identified by Nancy Bodmer, a Maryland resident whose husband is a direct descendent of Alexander Cregger. For additional information, contact Ann Beardshall, Bland County Historical Society,  aebeardshall@comcast.net.

Dr. I.M. Repass & Associated Family (Updated 4/2/2014) -- Early Repass, Bruce, Harmon, Thompson, and Umbarger family photos contributed by Ceres resident, Glen Repass. Contact biglogpile@yahoo.com.

"Walking Jim" Lambert Family, c.1905 (2/23/2014) -- Photo of an early Ceres family contributed by Ann Beardshall, Bland County Historical Society. Contact aebeardshall@comcast.net.

The Crabtree Home Place -- An Inquiry (2/23/2014) -- Who lived at the Crabtree home place during the late-1950s? As a very young boy, I recall visiting the home with my two great aunts, Burnisha Cahill Smith and Pearl Cahill Debusk, but I do not know what relatives we visited. Contact Stanley M. Cahill, rustycahill@yahoo.com.

Christina Hanshew (Williams) Tibbs, n.d. (11/21/2013) -- Undated charcoal portrait of Christina Hanshew (1826-1894) contributed by great-great grandaughter Linda Williams Vaught of Christiansburg, VA. Contact homesing@aol.com.

Brown Family Reunion, c.1937 (11/20/2013) -- Brown family reunion held at the family's home (no longer standing), located on the Poor Valley Road just outside Ceres. Photo contributed by James F. Wilson of Blacksburg, VA. Contact jimbetwil@aol.com.

The Crabtree Home Place, 1902 (11/16/2013) -- 1902 photo of the Crabtree home in Ceres, VA, contributed by Dana Niday of Bland, VA. Contact daydream@embarqmail.com.

Leola Mae Heslep Collection of Early Photos (10/24/2013) -- The Henry Groseclose House and several generations of descendants of Henry Groseclose (1771-1836) who called the Henry House their home, compiled by niece Cheryl Walker for the 2006 Groseclose Family Reunion. Contact old.ceres.pix@gmail.com.

Ceres Homecoming, October 19, 2013 (10/5/2013) -- Join us at the 2013 Ceres Homecoming! We will be on hand to introduce and discuss the Old Ceres Imagebase. Contact us at old.ceres.pix@gmail.com. Visit www.ceresva.org for information about the 2013 Ceres Homecoming.

Sharon College School Collection (10/1/2013) -- Early photos of the Sharon College School and its students and faculty, contributed by the Ceres Alumni Association and the Bland County Historical Society. Contact info@ceresva.org and info@BlandCountyHistSoc.org.

Seddon Town String Band, c.1896 (8/18/2013) -- Charming vintage photo of Bland County area musicians contributed by Ceres descendant Sara Reuning, Bristol, TN, and her cousin Morgan Elliott, Scottsdale, AZ. The photo is handed down through the Mustard-Newberry family, and help is needed to identify the individuals in the photo. Contact sara@k4oaq.com and morgan1201@gmail.com.

Wilson Family Photos (8/12/2013) -- Early Wilson family photos contributed by James F. Wilson, Blacksburg, VA. Contact jimbetwil@aol.com.

Dean DeRosa (7/17/2013) -- Looking for photos of the three daughters of Dr. William H. Groseclose and Adeline (Yost) Groseclose, all born and raised in Ceres: Euphemia Elizabeth (Groseclose) (Tilson) Dodson 1837-1900; Margaret V. (Groseclose) Hubble 1839-1912; and Mary Jane (Groseclose) Peery 1852-1918. Contact dderosa.va@gmail.com.

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