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Stereo & Vintage Photography Links

 Smithsonian Image Gallery

 Stereo Photography  Stereo Cameras  Camera Manual Library 

 Stereo Photo Maker  Stereo Photography Resources & Information

A Visual History of the Stereoscope

Antique Stereoview Information and Resources 3D Legends Ignomini Photographica

Digital Stereoscopy (1950s Stereo Photo Manuals)

3D Stereo (3D Photo Products) 3D World Shop

The FrankenPony 3D Camera Project

Stereo Photography Videos & Stereoview Box Sets
(Greenhouse Productions)

 3D by Dan Shelley  World of Stereoviews

Thomas Bielawski I  Thomas Bielawski II

Old Pictures & Maps  Stereoviews & Fine Antique Photographs

 Keystone-Mast Collection, 1870-1963 (UC Riverside)

California Museum of Photography (UC Riverside)

Library of Congress Stereograph Cards LOC Prints & Photo Collections

Stereoscopic Views (Large Collection)

Stereoviews of Washington, DC Stereoviews of Washington, DC II

United States in Stereo -- NY Public Library  NYPL Stereogranimator

George Eastman House: International Museum of Photography

Alexander Gardner Stereoviews  Photography Collections Online

Barnard and Gardner Civil War Photographs

Meserve-Kunhardt Foundation

 UW Library Digital Collections  UW Stereocard Collection 

WSU Library Manuscripts & Special Collections 

 UO Library Digital Collections

 Library of Virginia (LVA)  LVA Virginia Memory  LVA Online Catalog 

 LVA Online Photo Collections  LVA Online Stereograph Collection 

 UVA American Studies Program  UVA Library Digital Collections 

Center for Civil War Photography Civil War Photographers

History in Full Color

 London Stereoscopic Company  A Village Lost and Found Part I & Part II

The Stereoscopic Society

National Stereoscopic Association Potomac Society of Stereo Photographers

Camera Heritage Museum, Staunton, VA

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